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Wide Receiver- 2 Pack

Wide Receiver- 2 Pack

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Size 2 rear, Size 1 Front.

The Wide Receiver is designed with predatory fish hunting a big meal in mind. using schlappen and bucktail as the primary body materials give the fly a lifelike quivering action that is very effective at imitating a wounded fish. These materials also shed water very well, so it is easy to throw. By incorporating a big fluffy dubbing head with the lightweight bulky tail, the fly kicks to either side on a strip-pause retrieve. I incorporate large lead eyes into the head of the fly, which gives you the option of fishing it on a floating line instead of being forced to use a full sink or sink tip to get it down. While I typically use this size of fly when I am targeting really big fish, it has been surprising sometimes how many fish in the 12-22" range are totally willing and committed to eating a fly that is 1/3  or more of their body length. There are certain cases where using a bigger fly results not only in bigger fish, but more nice fish as well. The Wide Receiver is a spin off of Mike Schmidt's Double Deceiver.